PDP™ Adoption Grows in Brazil Pulp Industry notícias • 25 fev 2014 | 11h01

Notícia publicada pela Noram, empresa canadense aliada da Ibase. 

NORAM completed shipment of its sixth Precipitator Dust Purification (PDP™) Chloride Removal system to a Brazilian Customer for installation and commissioning during march 2014.

This is the third PDP™ system supplied to South America, where the fast-growing pulp industry appreciates the operating features of the PDP, including the minimization of process losses, a greater tolerance of high concentrations of carbonate salts in the feed, and minimal interdependence on other mill unit operations.

The proprietary PDP™ ion-exchange system purges metal chlorides from the Kraft mill recovery cycle, that otherwise result in sticky deposits in the recovery boiler, and constrain overall mill production


Adaptado de http://www.noram-eng.com/news-room/PDP-adoption.html


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